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The stigma associated with the entertainment industry is constantly shrinking, and thanks to the arrival of websites such as OnlyFans, more and more people are now pursuing a career in the adult entertainment industry.

If you’re lucky enough to be one of these individuals, whether an adult entertainer or webcam model, it’s incredibly important to understand the tax implications associated with earning a living this way. It means you’ll have to register as self-employed and submit your self-assessment tax return once a year.

Keeping on top of your finances can be a tedious and headache inducing process, which is where come in.

Why Use Dead Simple Accounting

Managing your finances is no easy feat, especially when you consider the amount of paperwork and legalities involved. Dead Simple Accounting can take care of the boring stuff, so you can focus on what’s important to you: your business.

We work with lots of influencers and content creators, and know the challenges they may face, as well as all the possible expenses you could claim. We can guide you through the entire process, from registering as self-employed to completing your self-assessment and filing them with HMRC.

We also offer services that help to forecast any risks that stand in the way of your goals.

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Our Pricing

At Dead Simple Accounting we charge just £275 including VAT for self-assessment tax returns, and can take you through the entire process.

If you’re interested in other services, such as setting up a company or payroll, head over to our quote page for a free and instant estimate.

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What Expenses can Adult Entertainers?

A good rule of thumb is, if something you’ve purchased is purely for business use, then it’s likely that it can be expensed. Common expenses associated with the adult entertainment industry include:

  • Gym membership
  • Props
  • Lighting & accessories
  • Toys
  • Beauty products & treatments
  • Lingerie
  • A portion of your rent and utility bills if you film/create at home
  • Advertising
  • Travel
  • Dry cleaning
  • Photography equipment
  • Office supplies
  • Mobile phone and bills
  • Laptops & Computers
  • And more

You can find more potential expenses in our in-depth guide to adult entertainer expenses.

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These days there’s an abundance of tools and resources at your disposal, software that handles your invoices and expenses, to mobile based banks that cut the boring paperwork.

We only work with the best of the best, and have partnered with several big names to offer you various goodies when signing up.

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