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In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of Software as a Service (SaaS), managing your financial health is as crucial as the innovative technology you offer. At Dead Simple Accounting, we specialise in providing SaaS businesses with expert accounting services tailored to the unique needs of this dynamic industry.

Why Dead Simple Accounting for Your SaaS Business?

SaaS businesses operate within a unique ecosystem, characterised by rapid growth, scalable models, and specialised metrics. Understanding the nuances of Revenue Recognition, the intricacies of cash cycles, and the importance of metrics like CAC, ACV, LTV, MRR, and ARR is essential. Our specialist accountants are not just proficient in critical accounting skills but also deeply understand the SaaS sales cycle, from lead generation to customer retention or churn.

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Our Pricing

For a tailored self-assessment tax return service crafted for SaaS businesses, our pricing is a transparent £275, VAT inclusive. For a comprehensive look at our other services that cater to your industry, visit our quote page.

Understanding the Importance of COGS in SaaS

For SaaS businesses, Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) is more than just an accounting term; it’s a crucial metric that impacts your business’s overall financial health. COGS in the SaaS realm encompasses the direct costs associated with producing and delivering your software services. Understanding and accurately calculating your COGS is essential for gauging the efficiency and profitability of your business.

What Expenses Can SaaS Businesses Claim?

SaaS businesses have a range of specific expenses that can be claimed:

  • Cloud Hosting and Infrastructure Costs: The backbone of any SaaS product, these are essential operational costs.
  • Software Licensing Costs: Any third-party tools or services required to develop and maintain your software.
  • Employee Costs: Specifically for those directly involved in product development and delivery.
  • Customer Support and Account Management: Crucial for maintaining service quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Marketing and Advertising: Essential for customer acquisition and brand awareness.
  • Research and Development: Key for innovation and staying ahead in a competitive market.
  • Professional Services: Legal, financial, and other consultancy fees.
  • Technology Upgrades: Investments in new technology to improve service offerings.
  • Training and Development: Ensuring your team stays skilled and knowledgeable.

Key Costs to Include in SaaS COGS

  • Direct Labour: Costs associated with employees directly involved in software production and delivery.
  • Direct Material Costs: Any materials directly used in the service delivery.
  • Software and Platform Costs: Expenses related to software platforms essential for service delivery.

Costs Not Typically Included in SaaS COGS

  • Sales Commissions and Marketing Expenses: While crucial, these are generally not considered direct costs of goods sold.
  • Overhead Costs: Such as rent, utilities, and general administrative expenses.
  • Product Development Costs: These are typically capitalised and amortised over time rather than included in COGS.

Calculating Gross Profit Margin in SaaS

Understanding your gross profit margin is vital in the SaaS industry. This metric helps you determine how much revenue is left over after COGS to cover other expenses and investments. The formula is straightforward:


A healthy SaaS business should aim for a gross margin of approximately 80-90%. It’s a critical indicator of how efficiently your business is managing its production costs and its scalability.

Partner with Dead Simple Accounting

At Dead Simple Accounting, we’re not just accountants; we’re strategic partners dedicated to helping your SaaS business thrive. From navigating the complexities of COGS to optimising your overall financial performance, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Ready to enhance your SaaS business’s financial strategy? Reach out to us today for personalised accounting solutions tailored to the unique needs of your SaaS business.

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