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Navigating the financial landscape of an e-commerce business in the UK requires more than just diligence; it demands expertise. From the intricacies of VAT on international sales to understanding digital advertising expenditures, Dead Simple Accounting stands ready to ensure your e-commerce venture thrives.

Why use Dead Simple Accounting

At Dead Simple Accounting, we’re experts in the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the e-commerce sector. Whether you’re an Amazon vendor, a Shopify entrepreneur, or spearheading a multi-channel online empire, we grasp the digital marketplace’s dynamics and the financial strategies that spell success.

Dedicated to lifting the weight of financial management from your shoulders, we enable you to focus on scaling your operations and enhancing your digital footprint. With top ratings on Google and Facebook, our commitment to our clients’ growth and satisfaction is evident.

Our Pricing

At Dead Simple Accounting we charge just £275 including VAT for self-assessment tax returns, and can take you through the entire process.

If you’re interested in other services, such as setting up a company or payroll, head over to our quote page for a free and instant estimate.

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Tailored Accounting Services for E-commerce Businesses

Our offerings are specifically designed for the e-commerce landscape:

  • Self-Assessment Tax Returns: Competitively priced at £275 including VAT, ensuring you’re compliant while maximising potential deductions.
  • Business Formation Advice: Whether starting out or transitioning to a limited company, we provide the insights you need for a solid foundation and strategic growth.
  • Forecasting and Financial Strategy: Employing advanced tools for accurate forecasting and strategic financial planning to secure your business’s future.
  • VAT and Global Sales: Expert navigation through the complexities of VAT, especially critical for businesses engaging in international sales.

What Expenses Can E-commerce Businesses Claim?

Securing every possible tax deduction is crucial for minimising your liability and reinvesting in your business. The world of e-commerce offers numerous deductible expenses, often overlooked:

  • Marketing and Advertising: All costs associated with digital marketing campaigns, including pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media promotions, influencer collaborations, and SEO tools.
  • Website Operating Costs: Expenses for hosting, domain registration, subscription services, and website development.
  • Operational Expenses: Charges related to banking, payment processing, and managing multiple currencies.
  • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS): The direct costs of your products, essential for accurately reporting profits and planning for growth.
  • Home Office Allowance: A portion of your home’s rent or mortgage, utilities, and insurance, proportionate to its use for business purposes.
  • Software and Technology: Investments in e-commerce platforms, inventory management systems, and CRM tools.

The Crucial Role of COGS in E-commerce

Understanding COGS is paramount for e-commerce businesses. It not only reflects the direct costs associated with your sold goods but also influences your gross margin and financial health. Accurate COGS calculation enables e-commerce businesses to:

  • Assess Product Profitability: Determine which products offer the best margins to refine sales strategies.
  • Refine Pricing Strategies: Ensure pricing covers costs and generates profit.
  • Enhance Financial Reporting: Accurate COGS figures lead to reliable financial statements and tax submissions.

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