Due to the coronavirus, many businesses now have to jump through hoops to ensure they’re abiding by the government rules and keeping their customers safe.

One such way that things have changed is the introduction of booking appointments, meaning customers aren’t overcrowding and businesses have time to prepare (and anti-bac!) prior to their arrival.

Introducing an efficient and easy to use booking system can be a time-consuming process, however Timely takes the headache out of getting up and running.

With Timely you can introduce a slick appointment booking solution that slots seamlessly into your business, unlocking an abundance of client management tools, payment options, inventory management systems and more.

Further to this, by introducing a solution like Timely you get access to actionable data about your business and clients, that powers your decision-making, helping you to motivate your team and stay in control.

Timely Feature Overview

  • Appointments
    • Fill your calendar, maximise your booked time and delight both your new and existing clients with a beautiful and intelligent booking solution.
  • Client Management
    • A beautiful client experience means happy clients and great word of mouth. Timely has all the tools to make delivering an exceptional experience, effortless.
  • Sales & Payments
    • Create a seamless check out experience for your clients with innovative payment solutions for front of house, mobile, upsell and more.
  • Marketing
    • Build your brand, credibility and client loyalty with Timely’s powerful marketing tools that help automate client growth and retention for your business.
  • Inventory
    • Cut your admin time in half and keep your business humming with sophisticated retail and professional stock management tools that let you sell more.
  • Employees
    • Stay in control of your business and keep your team focused and organised with staff dashboards, timesheets, rosters and automated appointment updates.
  • Reporting & Analytics
    • Timely’s dashboard and in depth reports provide insights that power your decision-making, help motivate your team and keep you in control.
  • Business Admin
    • Manage your team and locations from anywhere, with flexible, easy to use tools that keep you in control of every detail, while ensuring your business and data is secure.

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