Accountants for Locum Doctors, Nurses & Pharmacists

Being a locum medical professional is both rewarding and demanding. With the flexibility comes the responsibility of managing fluctuating incomes, varying locations, and, of course, the paperwork. While you’re out there providing invaluable healthcare services, we understand that delving deep into financial intricacies might not be on your list of priorities.

Why Choose Dead Simple Accounting?

Medicine is about precision, and so is accounting. At Dead Simple Accounting, we bring the precision you exercise in your medical practice to your financial world. Whether you’re a locum doctor, a pharmacist on the move, or a traveling nurse, we tailor our services to your unique financial landscape.

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Our Pricing

Our specialist package for locum professionals is priced at just £275, inclusive of VAT. This package covers your self-assessment tax return and provides insights specific to your role in the healthcare sector. For a more detailed estimate or other services, visit our quote page.

What Expenses Can Locum Professionals Claim?

Here’s a list of expenses typically claimed by locum doctors, pharmacists, and nurses:

  • Travel and Maintenance: Petrol, oil, repairs, servicing, and other vehicle-related costs.
  • Vehicle-Related Subscriptions & Costs: AA/RAC subscriptions, road tax, and parking fees.
  • Vehicle Finance: Interest from any financing on your vehicle.
  • Home Office: A proportion of costs like rent, utilities, and other expenses if you use a part of your home as an office.
  • Communications: Expenses related to a mobile phone, broadband, and other communication tools crucial for your role.
  • Professional Development: Costs associated with training courses (CPD), conferences, and any work-related books and magazines.
  • Memberships & Subscriptions: Fees for professional memberships, subscriptions, and associations relevant to your profession.
  • Equipment: Any equipment you need to buy. Some items might qualify for capital allowances.
  • Insurance: Professional insurance and any other relevant coverage you need as a locum professional.
  • And more.

Need Some Further Help?

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These days there’s an abundance of tools and resources at your disposal, software that handles your invoices and expenses, to mobile based banks that cut the boring paperwork.

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