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Filing a self-assessment tax return has never been easier! Our team at Dead Simple Accounting can help gather all your info, prepare & file your tax return with HMRC.

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At Dead Simple Accounting we have nothing but 5 star reviews across Google, Facebook, Xero & Quickbooks.

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If paying the
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also advise you
on setting up a
payment plan &
avoid any nasty
penalties or
interest from

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How easy it to file a tax return with Dead Simple Accounting?

  • It truly is Dead Simple! There is more info below including FAQs
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Simply request a call back at a convenient time for you

In the call, we’ll confirm what info we need in order to help you get the tax return ready

We’ll send you a summary of all the info we need

You send us your docs, & we’ll go through it all & send back any Qs necessary

We’ll send on our annotated calculation to review

We’ll help with any remaining Qs, and if necessary redraft the tax calculation

Once you’re happy for us to file & you’ve paid the invoice, we’ll file straight away with HMRC

We’ll share a copy of the tax return, submission proof from HMRC & instructions on how to pay the tax

Got a question?

Check out our most popular self-assessment tax return frequently asked questions below.

You won’t usually need to submit a self assessment tax return if your only income is from  your wages. But if you’re self-employed, rent out a property, have considerable savings  income, dividend income or perhaps foreign income, you’ll need to file a tax return. Here’s a  tool to check if you need to submit one: Click here.

A self-assessment is a form that individuals are required to fill out and submit to HMRC  to report their untaxed income, gains, and other financial details. It calculates what tax, NI &  student loan (if applicable) is due to be paid when the tax isn’t deducted from your income  automatically (such as with your wages). Here’s a tool to check if you need to submit  one: Click here.

The expenses you can claim depends on the type of business you run! Have a look at the type  of businesses we work with, if you see yours on the list, open the page and read our more in-depth  guides on what expenses you can claim

You can register yourself for a Government Gateway account which allows you to manage your HMRC services online. Once you have received your user ID, you can log in and register for Self Assessment by clicking “add tax”.

The tax year runs from 6th April to 5th April. The online submission deadline is 31st January following the tax year end. So the 2022/23 tax year needs to be filed by 31 Jan 2024. Sooner the better, we say!

There is a £100 penalty immediately after the due date for filing (even if there is no tax to  pay or the tax due has already been paid). Additional penalties can be charged by HMRC as  follows: 

  • Over 3 months late – a £10 daily penalty up to a maximum of £900 
  • Over 6 months late – an additional £300 or 5% of the tax due if higher 
  • Over 12 months late – a further £300 or a further 5% of the tax due if higher.

In  particularly serious cases there is a penalty of up to 100% of the tax due. To avoid any penalties, we recommend you organise your finances and submit the return in good  time before the 31st Jan deadline! We can help!

No. We streamline processes to make workflow as efficient as possible, & can guide you on how  to share your records electronically. We use encrypted, secure folders to receive your info; and if  you’re using accounting or banking software to track your finances we can guide you on how to  share that securely with us too.

When we file the tax return, we’ll email you the payment instructions. But you can pay your  self assessment tax online by following this link and clicking “Pay Self Assessment Now”. There are  a few options on the HMRC page, including paying by bank transfer, direct debit, cheque(!) & even  paying using your HMRC app.