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For authors, public speakers, and activists, the pen or voice is mightier than the sword. The essence of their craft lies in their passion for storytelling, enlightening masses, and driving social change. However, behind these noble pursuits often lies the tedious and intricate task of managing finances and ensuring that taxes are filed correctly. This is where Dead Simple Accounting comes in.

Why Use Dead Simple Accounting?

Keeping on top of your finances is no easy feat considering the amount of paperwork and legalities involved. It can be confusing with all the hoops you have to jump through, especially when you’re just starting out. Dead Simple Accounting leaves you to take care of your performances, while we take care of the boring stuff.

We’re experts when it comes to accountancy services for creative professions similar to authors, speakers and activists.

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Who We Work With

Dead Simple Accounting is proud to collaborate with some of the most eminent figures in the literary, speaking, and activism realms. Our clientele includes personalities such as:

Our Pricing

At Dead Simple Accounting, we charge an all-inclusive fee of £275, VAT inclusive, for self-assessment tax returns. This ensures you receive comprehensive services without any hidden surprises.

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What Expenses Can Authors, Public Speakers & Activists Claim?


Being an author means investing not just in words but also in numerous overheads that facilitate your writing process. Here’s a breakdown of expenses that authors can typically claim:

  • Home office
  • Mortgage interest or rent
  • Council tax
  • Buildings and contents insurance
  • Service charges and ground rent
  • Lighting, heating, repairs, and decorating
  • Professional fees and subscriptions
  • Communication expenses: Telephone, mobile, broadband
  • Travelling, accommodation, and subsistence
  • Driving expenses and upkeep of appearance for events
  • Postage and stationery
  • Computer and tech-related expenses
  • Theatre and cinema tickets (pertinent to the author’s genre)
  • Reference materials: books, CDs, journals, newspapers
  • Courses, conferences, repairs, and maintenance
  • Accountancy and other professional fees

Public Speakers

For public speakers, the stage isn’t just a platform; it’s an investment. Here are the potential claims:

  • Venue rental costs
  • Promotional and advertising materials
  • Presentation tools and software
  • Professional attire and grooming for events
  • Coaching and training sessions
  • Travel and accommodation
  • Microphone and sound system expenses


Passion drives activists, but there are undeniable expenses involved in mobilising and campaigning. These can include:

  • Campaign material costs (posters, banners, digital assets)
  • Venue or event space rentals
  • Communication tools and platforms
  • Travel expenses for attending rallies, protests, or conferences
  • Educational materials and resources
  • Workshops, seminars, and training
  • Legal fees, if necessary

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