When your business goes international, your bank should too. Operating at a global scale is one of the biggest steps you can make, and being held back by extortionate fees and complex processes is frustrating, and can seriously hinder your growth.

You may also be a digital nomad, meaning you’re often hopping around different countries, and navigating local banks and exchange rates can take up huge amounts of your time (and money!).

Payments in pesos, returns in rupees; things can get complicated – but not with Wise. Any currency, anywhere, anytime and with fees that wont make you choke on your flat white. On average Wise are 8x cheaper than leading UK highstreet banks!

Why use Wise for your business?

  • Pay invoices in 70+ currencies with an exchange rate that other banks can’t offer
  • Pay 1 person or 1,000 people at once, allowing you to pay your employees wherever they are and without mindboggling fees
  • Receive overseas payments without fuss or crippling exchange rates
  • Order debit cards for you and your team at the tap of a button, that can be used instore and online (and once again, with no foreign transaction fees)
  • And more

You scan sign up for an account within minutes. International money transfers are free, and a Wise Business account has a small one-time fee of £16.

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