Women in the workplace

Championing women in the workplace is incredibly important to us.

When companies give women the same chance as men, it’s not just about being fair: it brings a huge amount of benefit too.

Having an 80% female workforce here at Dead Simple Accounting means we have an importantly varied viewpoint & empathy for women in business.

We solve problems differently, & approach tasks with better outcomes!

We strive for a more vibrant & equitable future for everyone & are very proud to have a female oriented team.

Exciting things are happening

We’re helping to change the narrative for women in business, strip any taboo from talking about money & we shout loud & proud about apps, tools & resources which level the playing field ♀

In the background, we’re working on:

Blogs, interviews, showcasing clients, attending women in business networking events, app & tool collaborations0%

Watch this space!