Claim working from home expenses if you’re self employed

Tax and good news don’t always go in hand. But here’s an exception!

Work from home?

You can get tax relief on a proportion of home bills e.g.




Council Tax*

Mortgage interest** or rent


Phone bills

*You may have to pay business rates rather than council tax if you used a significant area of your home so look out!

**And yes we do mean interest, not capital. 

Things to look out for:

You have to use a ‘reasonable method’ of apportioning these costs e.g.

Say you’ve got 4 rooms in your home, and 1 of them is your office

Your electricity bill for the year is £400, you can claim 1/4 so £100 as an expense on your tax return.

If you worked roughly one day a week in the office, you should technically only claim 1/7th of the £100 so £14.29

So give it a go, apportion your costs and see how it compares to using simplified expenses – see our other blog about this!

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