How Do I Tailor My Self Assessment Tax Return?

When you’re filing your online tax return you’ll find a section called ‘tailor your return

It’s three pages of Qs where you answer yes or no, which means you only get the sections you need to complete.

If you’re not sure about a question click on the help link for guidance.

Page 1 asks if you’ve had income as an employee, from self-employment or from a partnership – you must answer yes or no to all the questions.

If you choose yes, you may be asked for more information, for example if you say yes to being employed it asks how many employers you had and their names.

Using save and continue takes you to the next page – this saves your answers so far. You can then stop and come back later.

Page 2 asks about other kinds of income such as interest from bank and savings accounts, dividends from shares and pensions.

Please note the question about losses on ‘other taxable income’ refers to income such as casual earnings or Commission –  it’s not for losses that belong elsewhere in your return e.g. losses from self-employment. Go in the self-employment section & if in doubt use the help link for further guidance.

The 3rd page is mainly about tax reliefs including pension contributions, charitable gifts, married couples allowance and marriage allowance.

The next section is ‘fill in your return’ which is based on your answers in ‘tailor your return.

It shows you the sections you need to complete next, remember your self-assessment tax return covers the tax year that ended on the 5th of April and is due by the 31st of January the following year.

Any tax you owe must be paid by the 31st of January – you can file any time just don’t leave it until the last minute.

You can find out more about self-assessment on gov.UK