How Does Help to Save Work With HMRC?

Help to Save is a government savings account where you can get a bonus of 50 pence for every pound you save. 

If you receive Working Tax Credit or Universal Credit, you could be eligible for Help to Save. 

You can save between £1 and £50 every month in a Help to Save account – and how much you save and when is up to you. 

After 2 years, you’ll get a 50% bonus on your savings. And if you continue saving you could get another 50% bonus after 4 years. This means you could receive tax-free bonuses worth up to £1,200, to spend how you like. 

Paying in is easy. You can make one-off payments by debit card or set up a standing order to make regular payments. And if you need some money quickly, you can withdraw it at any time from your account. 

If your situation changes and you stop receiving Working Tax Credit or Universal Credit, you can still keep your account, pay in money and get any bonuses you’re entitled to. 

Help to Save is backed by the government so all your savings are secure. 

To start saving, apply today for Help to Save.