How & When Do I Pay Corporation Tax?

The deadline for sending HMRC your Company tax return is usually 12 months after the end of the accounting period it covers. There’s a separate deadline to pay your Corporation Tax bill – and that’s 9 months and 1 day after the end of the accounting period.   

For example, if your accounting period ends on 30 March the Corporation Tax must be with HMRC within 9 months and 1 day – so, in our example, by 31 December. 

If your payment is late you may be charged interest and penalties. We recommend that you pay your Corporation Tax bill online using your Business Tax Account. If you do so your details will automatically be pre-populated for you. This reduces the risk of payments going astray. 

Once you’ve signed into your Business Tax Account, you’ll see your ‘welcome’ page. It includes an option to ‘Make a Corporation Tax payment’. Select this link and then ‘choose a way to pay.’ Choose your payment method and select ‘continue’. You can make a single,  one-off direct debit payment for your Corporation Tax bill. This is not a recurring payment. 

If you’ve not paid by direct debit before, allow 5 days for this to be set up. It should then take 3 working days each time you pay, once you’ve already authorised a direct debit from HMRC. 

Or you can approve a payment direct from your bank account. Select ‘pay by bank account’ and follow the instructions. Get HMRC’s bank details to make your payment by faster payments, Bacs or CHAPS. 

You can also pay by debit or corporate credit card online. Credit cards and corporate debit cards are charged a non-refundable fee. There’s no fee if you pay by personal debit card. You cannot pay with a personal credit card.   

If you’ve not yet registered for a Business Tax Account, you can still pay online – search ‘Pay your Corporation Tax bill’ on GOV.UK for more information. 

Please remember that it’s important to use the correct payment reference for each accounting period. You’ll find the number on the payslip attached to the CT603 ‘notice to deliver a return’ – sometimes referred to as a ‘notice to file.’   

Once you’ve sent the payment you’ll receive an on-screen acknowledgement confirming that HMRC have received it. 

Remember to make sure you pay by the deadline to avoid any interest or penalties. 

You can find more information on GOV.UK.