How to download your SA302 / tax calculations, tax returns (SA100), and tax year overviews from the website

Mortgage Lenders nearly always require you to provide your HMRC SA302 & Tax Year overviews to support and evidence the income you have earned and declared for your employed, self employed, dividend and property related remuneration. So, how can you access this information? HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) provides the information online. or paper originals … Read more

CIS Monthly Return; What Is It?

Simply put, the Construction Industry Scheme “CIS” helps regulate the payments that construction contractors make to subcontractors who carry out work for them. They must complete a CIS return each month, so that HMRC know who has been paid, and how much. Who should register for CIS? A contractor, architect or tradesperson who uses subcontractors … Read more

The 6 Simple Steps of Starting a New Business

Are you dreaming of starting your own business? Has COVID/lockdown made you re-think your options and want to be your own boss? Going it alone is a very exciting time, but it can also be hard to know where to start. Here’s a six-step guide to starting your very own successful business: Get Clear on … Read more

What to Include on an Invoice

Not sure what to include on an invoice you’re sending to a client? Here’s a quick guide to what to include! Legal Information There is some information that must legally be included on your invoices. Firstly, you must clearly display the word ‘invoice’ on the document that you’re sending to the customer! You must also … Read more

Introduction to the VAT Flat Rate Scheme

What Is the VAT Flat Rate Scheme and How Does It Work? The amount of VAT a business pays/claims back from HMRC is usually the difference between the VAT charged to customers and the VAT the business pays on their own purchases. With the Flat Rate Scheme: You pay a fixed percentage of VAT to … Read more